Why is everyone going to space ?!

Over the past few months, there have been increased talks about space exploration from billionaire ‘space’ excursions with a rocket that objectively looks like jeff trying a little too hard to overcompensate to Space X, to the mars rover to Lil uzi vert(yes, the guy with the diamond head) buying a planet to even dogecoin being crowned the currency of the moon but why is this all happening?!

There has been a lot of serious talk within the scientific community about the need for humans to be a multi-planetary species because of “overpopulation” and other factors we created. This talk has often generated a lot of criticism from people saying that this is just a leeway for the super-rich amongst us to leave the mess that their practices have caused the earth and leave the rest of us to suffer their actions. Remember the movie 2012? Yeah, that movie! I feel that movie perfectly encapsulates what is going on here.

And with climate change (Yes, climate change!) being a major crisis that needs to be solved, many reputable people have turned to space as the solution from people like Elon Musk, who wants to terraform Mars. Like why?!!! The climate on mars is much worse than the one on earth; with that amount of technology and resources spent on terraforming mars, you can use a fraction of that to avoid the climate disaster completely that is happening right now. It is like messing up your house and then choosing to buy a new one. It does not make any sense; well, scratch that. I see why it might make sense for really wealthy people, but still. And also, with Jeff Bezos, whose idea of ‘fixing’ climate change is by moving heavy industry to space.

So basically, his solution for fixing the mess we are making on earth is by making it somewhere else without expecting any repercussions of some sort. ‘Do you smell that?!’ that is the sweet smell of capitalism right there. And no, it’s not some grandma making food for her family with firewood in Africa that’s the cause of climate change. Knock on the doors of our climate ‘champions’ like Bill Gates and Al Gore, who single-handedly emit more carbon in a single trip on their private jet than the average African can emit in their lifetime.

Besides, there has just been something really fulfilling about humans travelling to space and beyond. Colonisation really speaks true to our nature. I personally have no grind with space travel. It seems like a lot of time and resources are getting invested in it, which should not be the case IMO and who really cares if Elon and Jeff want to go to space, it’s their money(technically).

I think this is a good place to stop, but where do you line up in this conversation about space exploration, and how do you think it can benefit humanity. As always, don't forget to clap and share the article if you found it useful :).

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